Commercial Bottle Pick up Calgary

Commercial Bottle Pick-Ups in Calgary

Are you a business or organization looking for convenient recycling in the Calgary area? Save time and fuel with free commercial bottle pick-up services from Country Hills Bottle Depot. Benefit the Alberta economy and environment rather than adding waste to our landfills. It is as easy as keeping these recyclables separate from the trash.

  • Aluminum and bi-metal cans
  • Glass and plastic bottles
  • Plastic milk jugs

Colleagues discussing with recycling sign on white board in the office

Recycle at No Cost with Free Pick-Up

If you manage a food service, institution or organization, you accumulate a lot of recyclable material in just a week. If your business has soda vending machines, those cans and bottles pile up too. Call us at Country Hills Bottle Depot for bulk pick-up of those valuable resources at no cost. We haul recyclable containers in Calgary and surrounding areas from:

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Bars and pubs
  • Golf courses
  • Commercial and industrial offices
  • Senior homes and residences
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals and nursing homes

So don’t waste your scrap. We’ll buy all forms of plastic, aluminium, and bi-metal and offer a reliable collection service for commercial establishments. We’ll then take it to our dedicated facility and recycle every material as per health and safety standards.

Large Load? No Problem.

We have the vehicles and equipment to pick up large loads of your recyclables that you can’t fit in your vehicle for free. Call us today for a bulk pick-up of your recyclables.

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