Bottle Return Depot Calgary

Fast, Friendly Bottle Refunds

Country Hills Bottle Depot offers walk-in bottle returns and pick–services for commercial clients in the Calgary area. We are open seven days a week and during many holidays. We offer a fast and friendly service. Visit us today to get a refund on all eligible beverage containers.

Computerized Service, Easy Payments

We offer fully-computerized services so customers can see their refund as containers are counted and our system provides easy refunds through our ATM-style machine.

reduce reuse recycle

Environmental Preservation with your Bottle Return Depot

A bottle return depot is responsible for collecting your containers and recycling them for reuse. It saves the virgin environmental resources and helps the community through bottle drives and charities. Properly rinse your recyclable containers and remove plastic rings/cartons when visiting a return-it bottle depot near you. You can also pre-sort your containers to save time and donate your refunds to charities. This way, you will team up with Calgary bottle return depot to preserve the environment and recycle for bigger prospectives.

Safe Recycling at our Calgary Bottle Depot

Country Hills Bottle Return Depot will never suggest dumping your recyclable container in the garbage. You have paid for a refund, and you can claim it by visiting a return-it bottle depot near you. Calgary bottle depots are an essential service during the pandemic because it is established that they are playing their role in protecting the environment. They have implemented protective measures like safety barriers, COVID signage, social distancing, and masked staff. You may face additional delays because of reduced operating hours, but it’ll be wise to inquire about the opening hours of the bottle return depot near you. Pre-sorting your bottles will also save you time.

Enjoy a Full Refund at our Return-it Bottle Depot

When you visit Country Hills Bottle Return Depot in Calgary, you preserve the environment through recycling and get a pocket full of cash. Isn’t it a win-win situation? When you have paid for bottle deposits, it is your right to get the full amount back. This is where we will help you at our return-it bottle depot. We offer 10 cents under 1 litre and 25 cents on/over 1 litre. We also have a pre-sort express line for your convenience. At our Calgary bottle return depot, you can dump aluminum cans, pouches, PET, glass, tetra pack, Bimetal, and many other recyclable containers.

Sorting Is Important

Aluminum cans, plastic containers, milk jugs, and more! Sort it at home or office to save time at the recycling center.

Helping Give Back

Let us help your team or charity when doing a bottle drive for a fundraising event.

Working With Businesses

We realize that it is difficult to gather up the large volume of containers at your place of work. Give us a call and we will arrange for a pick-up.

If you have any questions concerning any bottle recycling services, just give Country Hills Bottle Depot a call at 403-272-7766 today.