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Bottle Recycling Calgary Tid Bits

The Alberta Bottle Depot Association has compiled a list of exciting recycling facts.

Bottle Recycling Depot
  • Waste collection, landfilling, and incineration are all more expensive and difficult to access than recycling.
  • In 2013, nearly 2 billion beverage containers were saved from being dumped in landfills because of bottle drives. These are just the provinces of Alberta.
  • It takes around 400 years for a plastic bottle to degrade in a landfill.
  • In a landfill, a glass bottle takes about 1 million years to degrade.
  • More jackets, sleeping bags, and carpets are made from recycled PET bottles.
  • Within sixty days, aluminum can be collected, melted, moulded into a new can, and placed on store shelves – the recycling magic cycle.
  • The containers that can be recycled in Alberta can round the globe eight times within a year.
  • You can save seven cubic yards of landfill space by recycling one tonne of plastic.
  • One beer bottle can be recycled 15 times.
  • You can save enough energy by recycling an aluminum can to keep your TV on for 3 hours and light a 100-watt bulb for 20 hours.

Our Bottle Recycling Depot Calgary Accepts a Variety of Containers

Do you want your business or institution’s bottles to be picked up regularly, especially if you are looking for convenient plastic recycling services in Calgary?

Get a refund estimate from our Bottle recycling depot Calgary for any or all of the recyclables listed below by contacting us at our Bottle Depot Calgary NE location.

Bottles of beer, wine, and soft drinks made from glass

Glass bottles that have been thrown away are broken to generate glass beads for sandblasting or thin strings for fiberglass insulation. Your help for bottle recycling Calgary can make a difference.  They’re also used to make street paint that’s more reflective.

Cans made of aluminum

Aluminum cans are melted down and replaced with new, consumable beverage aluminum containers or cans. 95-99 percent of the cans gathered are recyclable.

Clear Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Containers

PET flakes or pellets are made from transparent polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics. Pellets and flakes are used to make new food-grade polymers. Clothing and rugs are also made from them.

Tetra Brik

A hydro-pulping method is used to separate the paper, plastic, and aluminum in Tetra pack containers. As a result, 80% of the pulp is used to make paper products, while the remaining 20% of plastics and aluminum is recycled further.

Gable Top

The hydro-pulping process separates the paper and plastic in these goods. Paper pulp is used to make tissues, cardboard, and writing paper.


By smelting bi-metal cans, they can be repurposed into automobile parts and mine grinding rods. Labels, paint, and pollutants account for only 5% of the total weight.


Incinerated drink pouches are employed as a source of heat energy. You can use it for bottle recycling Calgary. Bag-in-a-box containers are recycled into cardboard and other complicated paper products due to their roughness.

With bottle recycling Calgary, you may earn money while also helping the environment. To make sorting and calculating easier, we’ve included certain recyclables that we accept.

10 cents for 1 litre or less | 25 cents for 1 litre or more

Save the environment by recycling your bottles

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