Got Pre-Sorted Containers? Use Our Bottle Express Service

Don’t just throw away your recyclable containers; earn cash from them. It is even easier when you pre-sort your containers and utilize our bottle express service for faster cash.

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Bottle Recycling Made Easy With Pre-Sorting

Got some recyclable containers taking up space in your garage?
Do you need a refund from Calgary bottle return depot without waiting in long lines?

Visit us at Country Hills Bottle Depot and enjoy faster refunds on your recyclable containers!

Don’t worry about pre-sorting your containers if it is too much for you to handle. We will do it for you. However, if you can do the sorting, we have our bottle express service to ensure faster refunds without any wait. This can be a win-win for you and your bottle return depot.

Want Quick Cash Refunds? Use our Express Line!

Bottle recycling should not be tough for those who want to preserve the environment. That is why you need to use our express bottle service so that your passion for recycling is served well. Pre-sort your containers, use our express line and leave with instant refunds.

No questions asked!

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