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Recycle your containers instead of throwing them away. Use our return-it depot to deposit bottles and earn money.

What is a Bottle Deposit, and how does it work?

What is a Bottle Deposit, and how does it work?

Get paid to dump recyclable containers at a bottle depot near you. You must pay a small deposit fee while buying a bottle for the first time. You will get a complete refund when you return the empty container to a bottle recycling depot near you. The government sets bottle deposits through periodic legislation.

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Benefits of Bottle Deposits

What are the Benefits of Bottle Deposits?

Do you want the money you put down on recyclable containers returned to you? If that’s the case, depositing bottles at a bottle depot near you is the only way to get some extra cash. Country Hills Bottle Depot should be your first pick for bottle deposits in Calgary. You can also save time by using our express line and receive an immediate return on your bottle deposits. Bottle deposits are free of charge, and you will receive your entire deposit back. There were no questions asked!

Bottle Containers to Deposit at Country Hills Bottle Depot

Cashback from Bottle Deposits: Some Pointers

If you want a hassle-free experience with your bottle deposits at our bottle recycling facility, follow these guidelines:

Rinse Thoroughly

You leave less room for foul odours and microorganisms by rinsing your recyclable containers. It also aids in the cleanliness of your Calgary bottle depot. Tabs and labels can be left on recyclable plastic bottles. You don’t have to smash cans because doing so will make recycling more difficult.

Keep things clean

Garbage bags, carton boxes, and additional packaging will not be reimbursed. Separate your recyclable containers from the rest of your trash. This saves both you and the return-it bottle depot time.

Pre-sorting can be helpful

You do not have to pre-sort your containers when visiting Country Hills Bottle Depot. However, if you go one step further and pre-sort your containers, you will undoubtedly save time by using our express line.

Bottle Deposits in Calgary Made Easier

If you live in Calgary NE/NW, you can get cash back by depositing bottles at our bottle return centre. Contact us right away!