Bottle Recycling in Calgary

Country Hills Bottle Depot: For Not-for-Profit Initiatives in Calgary

Country Hills Bottle Depot makes bottle recycling in Calgary a breeze with our convenient and efficient return options. We offer bottle drive pick-ups throughout Calgary and surrounding areas and feature a computerized system here in our depot for faster drop-offs. Feel good knowing you’re supporting your community and the environment! For more information on our services or the charities we support, give us a call or send us an email using our online form. We will get back to you promptly.

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About Country Hills Bottle Depot

Since November 2009, Country Hills Bottle Depot has helped keep Calgary clean and green, providing beverage container collection and recycling for local residents. Clear those empties out of your garage and keep them out of the landfills with our convenient and reliable service.

Return Your Containers for a Refund

Did you know there are more than 110,000 beverage containers registered in Alberta that are eligible for a refund? Bottles, cans and jugs (even milk jugs) over one litre are worth 25 cents and any container under one litre will get you a 10 cent refund. That can add up quick!

Proud Supporters of Alberta Cans for Kids

Alberta Cans for Kids is a local fundraising program established by the Alberta Bottle Depot Association as a way of collecting donations and creating awareness for foundations dedicated to providing medical needs for children. Participation in this worthy cause is as easy as returning your empty bottles to us—and the environment will thank you as well!